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Nano Enzyme Ball , a biological product that has passed the selection of highly efficient microbial strains to eliminate odors caused by waste, accumulation, excretion of people and pets and can also be used in the wastewater treatment process. Nano Enzyme Ball is free of toxic chemicals, which World Health Organization, Ministry of Public Health and Japan Food Research Institute have certified as safe for humans, animals, and environment because it is a biological product produced from natural sources and has been researched & continuously developed.


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Biological products that have been selected strains of microbes that are highly effective in eliminating bad smells and decomposing fats with chemically free and non-toxic characteristic which the World Health Organization Ministry of Public Health and Japan Food Research Institute confirmed to be safe for humans, animals, and environment.

Nano Enzyme Ball is a product invented by Thai people, which mainly uses domestic raw materials that has been certified by credible organizations. It has beneficial properties to get rid of all kinds of bad smells caused by the decomposition of organic matter, fat elimination that can decompose fat well, inclusive of accelerating the decomposition of waste as well as balance water quality control etc.
It speedily gets rid of all kinds of bad smells caused by the decomposition of organic matter. Nano enzyme ball is a product that has the ability to help eliminate all kinds of bad odor caused by the degradation of organic matter such as protein, fat, starch, toxic gas ammonia, amines, urinary odor, musty smell, hydrogen sulfide, and rotting fat smell that causes it to smell bad for a period.


Speedy get rid of all kinds of bad smells caused by the decomposition of organic matters


Waste water treatment and fat removal process are able to decompose fat well, without causing the unexpected bad smells


Able to produce organic substances that are beneficial to animals and also help control the water quality to balance


Help restore the dilapidated condition of plant seedlings and eliminate bacteria, mold, and soil pathogens


  • J

    Normally, the sewer pipes that connect to the sink in my house will have the very bad smells. It may be due to food waste trapped inside the pipe or greasy stains that accumulate until stinking. I have tried to solve this problem by using Nano Enzyme Ball placed on the sink to wash the dishes. The greasy stains and putrid odors will gradually fade away.

    Sales and marketing officer
  • Kit

    I love to play sports and when I finish the game playing, I oftenly take off the shoes stored in the bag then it causes musty and unpleasant odors. When I try to eliminate those bad oders by putting the shoes under the sunshine but the bad smells don't disappear so I have tried Nano Enzyme Ball by putting 1 ball in each shoe.The bad odors gradually subsided and eventually disappeared.

  • F

    Normally, all Grab Food drivers when they finish their food delivery mission, they will oftenly have the food smells accumulating in their food storage box, including steaks, hams, burgers, etc. When they take Nano Enzyme Ball 1 ball in their food storage box, it will help to reduce the accumulating bad smells and finally make those unpleasant smells fade away

    Grab Food staff




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