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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
Nano enzyme ball is a useful microorganism which is natural and not harmful. The Nano Enzyme ball has been researched and guaranteed by LFCA, NEOTRON ITALY and others for the purpose of reducing bad smell & odor for home use, food & industrial sectors..
What are the benefits of a Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
To reduce bad smell that’s created by degradation of organic matter and reduce toxic gases, especially ammonia gas.
What is the properties of Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
✓ Limit unpleasant odor caused by dampness, fungi, food debris, odor, waste from excretion of pets and biological waste.
✓ Helps to digest fat, protein, stains in the kitchen & cooking areas
✓ Prevent stains in bathrooms and sanitary ware
✓ Increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment
✓ Safe, not harmful to humans and animals
✓ Not toxic, not drugs or chemical.
How many Nano Enzyme Ball should be used ? volume_down
• use 1 per 2 square meter room area
• use 2 for bathroom
• use 1 with 10 litre water for cleaning house
• use 2 for washing machine
• use 2 with water for cleaning any equipment
How long is its life span when in usage ? volume_down
1 or 2 months, depending on area, size and the amount of odor in an area.
How to use the Nano Enzyme Ball correctly ? volume_down
Immerse the Nano Enzyme Ball in water or dip it in a little water, whilst wet, put in the area that needs to be rid of the bad smell or odor, such as urinals, sink, refrigerator, wardrobe, car, room carpet or areas that are damp and smelly from fungi, pets, pile up, etc. & also to prevent stains or grease.
Storage method of Nano Enzyme Ball when not in use. What I should do ? volume_down
Keep the Nano Enzyme Ball In a dry and cool place, temperature not exceeding 40 degrees.
Caution in using Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
Do not use or touch chemicals of cleaning products Because it will reduce the efficiency of the nano enzyme ball
How long can Nano Enzyme Ball can be kept before expiration time ? volume_down
3 years, Since the date of manufacture
Is Nano Enzyme Ball dangerous for user ? volume_down
Certainly not, because Nano enzyme ball has received safety certification from leading institutions both in Thailand and abroad when following directions & adhering to precautions, simultaneously.
What is the activating principles of Nano Enzyme Ball for waste water treatment ? volume_down
In wastewater, there’s excessive amounts of bacteria and less oxygen in the water but too much carbon dioxide. The microorganisms in the enzyme will decompose the bacteria into oxygen, causing the water to return to good condition.
Why Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
Because Nano enzyme balls are genuinely natural products, that brings microorganisms from nature, which comes through the process of Vacuum Freeze Dry at -18 ° C which will not cause microorganisms to mutate or reproduce as a product or create added microorganisms, making it absolutely safe.
Where should Nano Enzyme Ball be used ? volume_down
Bathroom, closet, grease trap, sewage treatment pond and other foul places
How can I notice that Nano Enzyme Ball has expired ? volume_down
They have no microorganisms at the centre and it will become ineffective.
Where I can buy the Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
Can order online and offline By viewing the current distribution channels on the website front page
What is the Value that Nano Enzyme Ball user will receive ? volume_down
Nano enzyme ball (Nano enzyme ball) is a truly natural product. It can be used almost anywhere when you want to treat a foul odor & certainly not causing chemical hazards In terms of usage, according to its price of gram per gram. It may have an initial higher price but the service life span and the proportioned amount when in use will be significantly cheaper in comparison, related to its efficiency, to other types of products.
How many types of Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
• Nano Enzyme Ball, containing 2 balls
• Nano Enzyme Ball, containing 10 balls
• Nano Enzyme Ball, containing 50 balls (For industry and exports)
• Nano Enzyme Powder, pack in size of 100 grams per pack, 2 kilograms per pack (for industry and export)
The certification agencies that certified Nano Enzyme Ball’s usage in specific areas of functionality. volume_down
Product certification

Has been certified for the analysis of the type and amount of the infection & the organic matter that is the product of such microorganisms from:

• Central Institute for Quality Inspection of OMIC raw materials
• Department of Environmental Engineering Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
• Rajamangala Institute of Technology

Safety certification

• Microbial products of the company Certified for low toxicity, harmless to humans and pets & without microorganisms or pathogens that can cause disease
• Food Research Institute from Japan. The results of the experiment confirm that it is not harmful to animals, even to eat at a rate of 21,000 21 grams) per kilogram of body weight (Test LD50)
• Institute of Science and Technology of Thailand Test for acute oral toxicity at 2,000 mg / kg body weight found that all mice showed normal symptoms and did not detect any abnormalities of internal organs from the autopsy of all mice at the end of the test.
• Health Sciences Research Institute Department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Health. The results showed that no bacteria & mold that causes any disease to humans and animals, the Agro-Industrial Technology Service Unit Faculty of Agro-Industry Kasetsart University Effective testing of microorganisms and microbial compounds to inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria and fungi that produce aflatoxin. It was found that it can inhibit many types of germs.
• Agro and Food Inspection Laboratory Company Limited (LCFA) reports the analysis of the contamination of heavy metals, lead, radioactive substances & carcinogens, aflatoxin B1, B2G, 1G2 and insecticides, 15 kinds of organophosphate, pyrethroids, 7 types of organochlorine, 8 types of chlorine and carbamate groups 8 species found that no insecticide was detected. Which is beneficially lower than the standard amount.
• Central Institute for European Quality Inspection (NEOTRON, ITALY), report of analysis of contamination of heavy metals - cadmium, lead, radioactive substances and aflatoxin B1 B 2G 1 carcinogens G 2 and insecticides, 49 types of organophosphate, 17 types of pyrethroids and 13 types of acaciaides were found to be lower than the standard limit.
• The safety of microorganisms from LABORATORY SAFETY MANUAL, GLOBAL HEALTH SECURITY, EPIDERMIC ALERT AND REPONSE of WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, GENEVA 2003 is in the category BIOSAFETY LEVEL 1 is the highest level of safety microorganisms which is not harmful to humans and animals
What is the price of Nano Enzyme Ball ? volume_down
• Nano Enzyme Ball (Nano Enzyme Ball). Packing size 2 balls. Price 195 baht per box.
• Nano Enzyme Ball, containing 10 balls, price 960 baht per box
When using Nano Enzyme Ball for wastewater treatment Will cause the growth of bacteria Causing spoilage or not ? volume_down
Nano Enzyme Ball certainly does not cause any damage to sewage, because Nano Enzyme Ball makes microbes In living dry cells by a process that has been approved by the Institute of Research in And abroad. Therefore, microbes will not breed mutations Until resulting in absolutely spoiled water.



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