Nano Enzyme Ball Nano Enzyme Ball is a product that has the ability to help eliminate all kinds of bad odor caused by the degradation of organic matter such as protein, fat, starch, toxic gas ammonia, amines, urinary odor, musty smell, hydrogen sulfide and rotting fat smell that causes it to smell bad for a long time.
• Eliminating bad smells and reducing clogging in the bathroom, urinal, toilet, kitchen, sink, sewage, drain and garbage. It also helps to reduce flies, cockroaches, etc. Use 1 tablespoon mixed in 10 liters of water to pour daily or when there is a smell. This is to help the house smell clean and free it from chemical odors such as moth balls, a sublimation substance, and toxic gases that damage the nervous system and respiratory system, which is several times stronger than thinner, benzene, which we do not know why the Ministry of Public Health allows it to be used in homes, as well as the perfumed products that are being used which is unable to eliminate the bad smell & can only temporarily fragrance to cover the bad smell. The next day, the bad smell returns which causes you to be more annoyed, therefore this method helps to combat that.
• To solve the problem of a full toilet, clogged pipes, bad smell from toilets, septic tanks and sink, etc., use 50-100 grams mixed with 20-40 liters of water to pour into the toilet or water pipes that are clogged with fat.  The obstruction will improve within 1-2 days, after which it should be used on a monthly basis.
• Use 1 teaspoon with 1-2 liters of water, to clean the house / carpet / mattress / air-conditioner, etc. To eliminate odors, musty, foul smell, and urine smell from children / pets.
• For the use washing & scrubbing around the kitchen & also gas stove with hood to remove oil stains, use 1 teaspoon with 1-2 liters of water and stir well then leave for a moment.  Pour only clear water by spraying on the smelly area, grease and sediment. Also put in the sink & urinal for flushing the toilet.
• In helping to get rid of musty odors in closets, refrigerators, cars, lockers, shoe cabinets, etc. use Nano Enzyme Ball by placing them in these areas inclusive of damp places.  This is to absorb odor, eliminating the pungent foul smell, resulting in a clean smell. 

• Eliminate the bad smell in the garbage collection room, waste disposal in the building, drains, storage feces of the building, flats, tall buildings, etc. Use 50 grams of water mixed with 50 liters of water poured from the top floor or drained throughout the area.  Next time use 10-20 grams mixed with 10-20 liters of water daily or when there is a smell.


• Reducing odors and germs that are harmful to humans as well as get rid of fat stains by reducing the use of washing chemicals. Use 1 kg mixed with 2000 liters of water (depending on the dirty condition of the factory floor).


• Eliminate bad smell in public toilets, zoos, schools, temples, districts, city halls, police stations, public telephones, gas stations, prisons, markets, municipalities, waste trucks, drains, public trash, cafeteria  , Restaurants, restaurants, hotels, parks use 1,000 grams mixed with 2,000 liters of water throughout the area with 1000 sqm of odor or 100 tons of garbage.


• Get rid of the smell in the pen Or ranch Get rid of the bad smells of animals by showering or pouring on the scent area. The bad smell will disappear within 7-14 days by using 1 tablespoon of water mixed with 10 liters Pour the area with the smell of animal bathing


• Eliminating rancid musty odors from clothes, rags, shoes by using 1 tablespoon in 10 liters of water mixed to dip, soak or wash. The bad smell will then be eliminated.


Speedy get rid of all kinds of bad smells caused by the decomposition of organic matters


Waste water treatment and fat removal process are able to decompose fat well, without causing the unexpected bad smells


Able to produce organic substances that are beneficial to animals and also help control the water quality to balance


Help restore the dilapidated condition of plant seedlings and eliminate bacteria, mold, and soil pathogens